The Goodman Company is actively seeking single tenant triple net lease properties.

Submittal Criteria:

  • Well located commercial properties of high quality adaptable to multiple uses
  • Investment size: $20 million or portfolio of smaller properties for lesser acquisition costs
  • Location: States with no, or a very low, personal income tax, preferably Florida, Texas or North Carolina
  • Occupied by tenants with a very high credit rating
  • Lease terms of 12-15+ years with periodic rental increases
  • Minimal landlord requirements
  • Competition maps

Submittals should be directed to:
Murray H. Goodman
The Goodman Company
Phillips Point, East Tower
777 South Flagler Drive, Suite 221
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

561-833-4848 (Main)
561-832-2384 (Fax)

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